How do I paper file?

To paper file your tax return, you need to:
  • Print your tax return. Most tax software will allow you to print a return you prepared online. If relevant, separate your federal from your state return.
  • Attach a copy of any income tax documents (like W-2s or 1099s) to both your federal return and your state return (if you are filing both).
  • Sign form 1040 at the bottom of page 2. (If married filing jointly, both spouses must sign.)
  • Sign your state tax return. (This signature line differs by state.)
  • Mail your federal tax return. You can find the correct mailing address for your federal tax return here. Select your state, look for the row for Form 1040, and select the mailing address based on whether you or not you are including a payment to the IRS. (If you're expecting a refund, then you are not including a payment to the IRS.)
  • Mail your state tax return (if applicable). You can locate your state mailing address here.
After mailing your tax return, you may receive a letter or notice from the IRS in 2-6 months, asking for additional information to confirm the information on the tax return.

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